Red Horse
Pivot Door



Every once in a while, an event happens where we end up with un-sold product.

When this happens, we can offer such a product at a discounted price.

The special deals shown here are for products that have a specific size. The size cannot be changed due to the internal construction of the door panel.  

If you can make the size work for your project, you can purchase a Red Horse Door System at a deeply discounted price !


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We have this door panel in stock / it is unfinished mahogany.  This drawing shows the door construction as well as size.  We will customize the swing direction, finish, frame, sill and lock to your choice.

Original door, frame, freight sold for $26,360

Offered as a complete system with frame, sill, lock & finish at $13,000 ( + tax if Ca or NV) + freight

or door panel only @ $9,000 ( + tax if Ca or NV) + freight

If furnished as a complete system, the rough opening is 72 9/16 wide x 107 1/2 tall


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(A) Pivot Door System

This is a complete door system – frame, door, lock, steel components, sill, crate n freight.

It is factory finished black on the wood and silver on the steel components ( we can send pictures ).

The frame is 6 3/4 jamb width.  Lock is satin nickel finish.  Swing direction is shown on drawing (A).

This door system originally sold for $34,000

Offered as a complete system at $15,000 ( + tax if Ca or NV) + freight

The rough opening is 82 wide x 98 tall