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Red Horse Pivot Door


Pivot Doors

We build our pivoting doors with steel, wood, glass and combinations of all three. We use a high quality floor pivot for adjustable hold open and graduated closing features. Our pivot doors come with a fully weatherstripped door and frame / the door is either bored for your lockset and / or we provide custom grips and a deadbolt. We specialize in large sizes and custom door designs and our Custom Torri Pivot Sill System is the best in the industry making

installation easier while giving our clients endless choices in customization. Our exclusive Torri Pivot Sill System is not shown in detail on our website because it is our intellectual property and others will attempt to copy it. We use special technology that closes the door panel tight against the weatherstripping without intervention. This means you can walk through one of our doors with your hands full and not worry as our door will slowly close entirely on its own.


Red Bull Doors – Operable Glass Walls – nothing ordinary here..

When you want something nobody else has ! Red Horse Fenestration will design, engineer, furnish and install custom operable window/door walls. Your imagination is all that we need to get started.